Wedding Preparations You Should Prepare

The concept of marriage is one thing that is very important in marriage preparation. Before you start choosing the trappings of what needs to be prepared, the first concept that you need to specify. The selection of the theme and color of course being the most important. The concept of a traditional wedding, modern or even country fairy tales usually be a concept that is widely used. The concept of marriage in any marriage preparation is also one thing that is important in determining the budget in accordance with other preparations such as bridal, reception hall, to catering and wedding car. Many in fact to be prepared.

Preprare Wedding Concept For Wedding

Also pre wedding if you want it in your part of wedding. Pre Wedding Photography Jakarta give the best advice for it, “you must prepare more”. Because pre wedding and wedding will be a part your wedding. So choose the best vendor for it.

Make the wedding preparations draft neat and orderly before everything is completed. Once you pick out what is needed, you can ask the opinion of your future husband, family, or even prospective in-laws. Everything is not limited to be as you wish. Moreover, many say that getting married was married two families not only 2 men and women. Although the decision remains on the bride groom. Both couples getting married can make wedding preparations to organize, choose and make the concept of marriage is how.

Although both the family must intervene in refining the wedding party to be held. And again there are many easy ways to determine the wedding preparations. Can be of far-away days or a few months before the day. Although the course of preparation of almost instantaneous and rush it usually troublesome. So it would be better if you prepare from far-away days in order disordered anywhere near the day. There are different kinds of wedding concept that you can choose for example the concept of marriage work, or others concept that will make you happy with your wedding. With a concept your wedding will never unforgettable and always beautiful to be a history.

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Simple minimalist 2 floors with balconies Kayuby minimalist house

There are many reasons for you to choose a minimalist house simple 2-storey home than one floor. To be sure, the design of this house is suitable for families with members who are relatively large, because there is enough room for you to move. In addition, the house 2 floors provide a broader space for you to enjoy the natural scenery around. That is why many owners of villas in the mountains or highlands choose a design house two floors.

Simple minimalist 2 floors with balconies Kayuby minimalist house

Wooden balconies in minimalist Simple 2 Floor

One of the favorite areas to enjoy the beautiful scenery around your residence is a balcony. Though the design is simple minimalist house 2 floor you are small enough, you can still design the balcony which is quite convenient as a place to relax for families. In this area, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset without having to leave home.

So that you look more beautiful residential and integrated with nature, you can choose a wooden balcony. One of the advantages of wood for the balcony is a warm atmosphere that is displayed. Moreover, good quality wood will be durable and lighter to be supported by the structure of the lower part of your home. Therefore, you do not need to design a special structure to support a balcony. Wood is also a viable alternative if the balcony is an additional element that is not included in the initial design of your home.

However, there are some things you should consider when choosing a wooden balcony as a complement to the beauty of a simple model of minimalist house 2 floor you. Instead, use a roof that covers the entire surface of the balcony to avoid exposure to rain. Because, although the timber is quite durable, continuous exposure to rain and hot sun can make it obsolete more quickly. Another important consideration is the price. The increasing scarcity of wood as a result of the ban on illegal logging makes wood more expensive. Therefore, the price factor should you anticipate even earlier.

Design Ideas Simple minimalist Balcony on 2nd floor

In terms of design, there are so many choices balcony models that you can choose for your occupancy. Because wood is light enough, you can design a model of the balcony as you wish and according to the model of your dwelling. For example, for families who have small children, you can choose a balcony with a safety fence or trellis safeguards to minimize the risk of accidents. Another alternative is to use potted plants instead of fences. In addition as a safety, ornamental plants will bring the feel beautiful and natural in your dwelling.

For a small balcony, you simply put a set of wooden chairs and tables as furniture on the balcony. However, if the balcony on the second floor of the house is simple minimalist you quite extensive, there is no harm in using it as an open dining room, where you and your family can relax while enjoying a meal together.

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How to Eliminate Oil Face Permanently

Everyone always wants to have the facial skin clean and healthy. Skin clean and healthy is one of the parameters facial skin breakouts and dull. While acne prone skin and dull one reason is because the facial skin of excess oil levels.

How to Eliminate Oil Face Permanently

In addition as the media development of bacteria and germs in the face, oily skin can also cause facial impression of dull and shiny. Therefore, it is very important to know how to remove the excess oil on the face to avoid the various types of acne and dull skin.

For those of you who have oily skin, you can use the face paper that currently you can get on the market with different brands and different sizes. Prices of face paper is also very affordable and easy to carry on any activity you do. How to use it is not much different from the way the use of tissue paper as usual. You only need to attach and give a little pressure on the face sheet of paper that you stick to the face.
How to Eliminate Oil Face Permanently
how to remove the oil on the face naturally

Usually the face that produces excess oil is part of T, ie at around the nose and the top of the bottom. Then the part that is the major concern that the use of face paper should then be followed also in other parts of the skin such as around the cheeks. Although way remove the oil on the face is simple and seem simple, but this is just a way to remove the oil on the face for a while.

For those of you who want to get skin with excess oil content not permanently or permanently, you would have to know how to remove the oil on the face permanently. This method will usually be more in need of the process compared to just remove the oil on the face for a while.

One way to eliminate excess oil that appears on your face, you can do the treatment at the salon or beauty treatment center that is currently being developed. With the treatment offered, you just need to come and undergo the treatment process regularly or according to the package and the type of treatment. However, for this you also have to spend no small cost. Especially if you do it regularly.
How to Eliminate Oil on the Face Naturally

Another way to remove the excess oil on the skin area without a lot of money of course, is to use the traditional way. How to remove the oil on the face naturally you can do yourself at home, interrupted your busy life. Ingredients you need is also easy to obtain.

You only need a beaten egg whites until foamy and then apply evenly on your skin. This mask will minimize the amount of oil that comes out of your skin. For better results, you can add a tablespoon of lemon juice and honey and stir well and used as a mask. Let stand for about 20 minutes or until dry, then wash using warm water.

Other natural ingredients that you can use is wheat. In addition it contains many nutrients when consumed, wheat is also very useful when used as a mask. You just have to dissolve the grain with a mixture of honey and lemon juice and rub it on the entire surface of your skin. Let stand for about 20-30 minutes then rinse with warm water.

In addition to using natural materials, you who have oily skin also need to consider several things, such as when you want to clean your face with warm water, mix a little salt in the warm water to further open the pores of the face.

Types Of Headaches

Chronic migraine
The head of this type usually develops from headaches or migraines that usually come suddenly. To be diagnosed with chronic migraine, previously you should have records or a history of frequent migraines, headaches due to complications between the two happened in 15 days, or more than one month, or hypertension. Symptoms or cause constant headache usually you will experience nausea and vomiting, and were also more sensitive to light or sound and pemutih badan.

Tension-type headache
Tension headaches or headaches that occur due to the continuous tension usually starts from a tension headache often occurs suddenly. It feels very uncomfortable because you will feel pain on both sides of your head. But the headaches will not make you feel angry. Because of this constant headache usually only cause mild nausea or more sensitive to sound and light.

New Daily Persistent Headache
In accordance with the name of the disease, usually a headache will occur constantly and continuously to beberapahari. The same characteristics as when you experience tension headaches, namely headaches on both sides. The consequences will be felt is the same, will cause mild nausea.

Hemicrania Continua
And a fourth type of headache that last headache, hemicrania is a condition in which the cause of the headache can vary continuously. One type of headache that are fairly consistent because the pain will be felt by the sufferer will only be felt on one side only and will not be moved. Usually the pain will occur daily and ongoing. The symptoms that occur are usually the eyes red and tears, runny nose, nose breath, narrowing pupils and eyelids look wilted.

Well, that’s more or less like an explanation of the different types of headaches that may be continually, so far you are still confused as to what the cause is. And if you’re still not clear with the explanation above, we recommend that you to read the facts below

Wedding event Hair Designs

model rambut pesta

An excellent hairdo will be the crowning attractiveness for a identity. A married relationship hair do supports very much worth to further improve the entire selling point of the wonderful bride-to-be. This hairdo may make the bride-to-be appearance intelligent in addition to stunning. Simply no ponder, you will end up likewise hectic with finding your bridal outfit in addition to equipment. Yet the wedding ceremony hairstyle is really as crucial seeing that your bridal dress. There is a variety of tresses saloons making it possible to attain exclusive notable wedding ceremony special event hair do. Most of these models are actually adorned by simply numerous appealing brand new brides.

This hairstyle, off of training course, depends upon the dress you’re sporting and also shape of that person and also tresses construction. This hairdo should be with contract to the veil or perhaps the pinnacle bit of the bride-to-be. Also, the hairstyle ought to be set to create the bride-to-be an authentic little princess.

Obtain your really miss to be a regal little princess by simply donning the dazzling the queen’s with your scalp. Amongst probably the most well-liked scalp object will be the the queen’s. It is elegant in addition to easy-to-wear. To use the the queen’s, you possibly can follow a rudimentary hairdo. You can green upward flowing hair at the top on the go to produce a large bun. Also you possibly can part your the front tresses and also crinkle the spine tresses. Immediately after crinkling the spine tresses, green all of them upward large or perhaps make it possible for all of them along. Hereafter, deal with the top fashion gurus together with veil with all the exact same hooks. This will certainly provide you an even more elegant appearance.

In case your wedding ceremony special event is a laid-back event you could allow all your tresses along. Merely take all of them rear together with mend the shroud having a wonderful wreath. Wreath is a fifty percent band made up of plants.

Plants are a great inseparable section of wedding ceremony special event tresses designs. This stunning blossoms enhance the female looks on the harmless bride-to-be. You can pick from a selection of plants. The most notable wedding ceremony hair-styles incorporate the blossoms similar to orchids together with tulips because they come in numerous eye-catching hues.

With an superior glimpse, you possibly can pull all your tresses rear to produce a low bun simply previously mentioned your neck. Plants is usually extra independently round the bun or perhaps via a band. The most desired buns would be the people made right after running flowing hair. You can link flowing hair in to a lower life expectancy ponytail together with surrender the remaining regarding tresses straight into moves. A bun having 6 moves will be the trendiest one of many bride-to-bes currently. Immediately after bun is actually thorough, contain distinct equipment similar to plants, tresses brooch or perhaps simply several grains inside the brand new hairstyle.

Vegas wedding ceremony hairstyle is actually likewise any way you like one of many small generation brides. It is just a cool tresses design and style. In this particular wedding ceremony event tresses design and style the tresses are required widely creating a bun in addition to your mind. Top hair are let loose. This tresses hair through the two features regarding forehead and also permitted to slip within the deal with on the brand new bride-to-be. Are you all set to be able to embellish your crowning splendor nowadays?


5 Basic Techniques Replacing Small Fire Extinguisher

5 Basic Techniques Replacing Small Fire Extinguisher

Light Fire Extinguisher or APAR in Indonesian  is the first aid in a fire, the installation or placement of fire extinguishers is the main thing in the fire extinguishing system in the building like Tabung Pemadam Kebakaran Newvo.

Installation or laying light a fire extinguisher in a building should be noticed, for those who do not know how the basic techniques of installing a fire suppression light, the following will explain some tips on basic techniques in the installation of fire extinguisher, the following are the tips.

Easily Views
Each fire extinguisher should be placed in a position that is very easy to see and easy to reach everyone when fires.
Lots of ways to create a fire extinguisher is easy to see, among others, put a sticker notification to light a fire extinguisher or provide signage fire extinguisher location.

In accordance Potential Fire
The whole installation of fire extinguisher must be adapted to the type and classification of fire extinguishers. If you are building a chemistry lab course, you need a special fire extinguishers can extinguish fires caused by chemicals. As well as other areas, you must understand that fire extinguishers in accordance with the potential that could happen in your building.

Placement way small fire extinguisher or others fire extinguisher
Each fire extinguisher must be placed hanging on the walls and equipped with boosters that other construction or can be placed in a cupboard crate or box that is not locked.

Installation height small fire extinguisher or others fire extinguisher
In installing a fire extinguisher, a distance in a fire extinguisher hanging on the wall is 1.2 meters above floor level and the lowest is 15 cm above the floor. It aims so that everyone can reach more easily if one day there is a fire.

Installation temperature Fire extinguishers Light / APAR
Tube light a fire extinguisher is recommended not to be installed in a room having a temperature over 49 ° C or in conditions down to minus 44 ° C unless a fire extinguisher tube is made specifically for temperatures outside these limits.

That’s 5 basic things in installing fire extinguisher (APAR) correctly. Hopefully this article can help you in planning the installation of fire extinguishers in your building. Get more information about Fire Extinguisher at Informasi Kebakaran.

5 Easy Ways to Detect Gas Leaks

detect gas leaks

Alat Pemadam Api – Some ways to detect a gas leak:
Liquefied gas contained in the gas stove odorless. If then our special smell of the gas, because the gas was already added a sort of odorants (odor evocation substances). That meant that we immediately “awake” so smell. So, we do not do things – things that can make the gas exploded.

Leakage can be caused because the stove is not sealed, leaky hoses, hose connections or stove is not meeting, or the regulator is not working properly.

If you smell gas, immediately open windows and doors. Then, remove the regulator is installed and turn off the faucet stove. Do not forget, not once – ever blame electrical switches, lighters or bring a candle or a lit match.

Then, immediately find the source of the leak. How to find it similar to the way a tire repairman looking for the source of the leak. Apply soapy water on the suspected leak. In part that is leaking, the soap will bubble layer.

Try not to spray the fire with water or other fire. This method is able to put the fire out. But gas is still flowing even potentially cause an explosion. So, the best way is to stop the gas flow by closing the tap stove. So that the tube does not come off, wet tubes with cold water or wet sacks.

Get more information about Alat Pemadam Kebakaran now.

10 Tips Tricks How to Paint Your House Walls

Paint Your House Walls

Before you start painting the walls of the house, consider this tip to paint the walls of the house, which will make your job easier and make it look like done by a professional.

1. Select Color For Your Home Wall

Choosing a color is the hardest part. What is most important is to find a primary color that will create the desired atmosphere and make you happy.

If you really do not have any idea about what color to paint the walls of the house, try to pull the color out of a work of art or area rug that is in the room. This is a way to find a color more easily.

Take some home wall paint color samples and see how the colors look in the room. How visible is seen with furniture, floors, artwork, cabinets, and anything that is already in the room. Try untukmempersempit three or four colors.

Prepare a pot of small samples of each color and paint a large square-shaped on the wall. Notice how the colors change as the sun moves across the sky and changes the amount of light in the room.


2. Using More Than One Color

If you use more than one color in the room remember tips this.If paint you have a chair rail and you want to paint the top and bottom walls of the house with a different color, it is best to use a darker color on the bottom and lighter in above. Light colors will dominate and the dark color will have a grounding effect.

To accentuate the effect of trim paint it shades lighter or darker shade than the walls. The same thing applies to the ceiling. Paint with dark colors will make the room feel cold, bright color paint would make a cool feeling.


3. Effect paint

Do not be afraid to think out-of-the-box and try some different paint effects. There is a lot you can do with paint so it does not need to do all the walls in the same color. Some fun techniques including blocking, stenciling, and color washing. You can use different colors on the same wall, or for a subtle effect you can use various finsih. For example, try to paint the walls with flat finih and then stencil design (such as damask) surpassed with glossy paint. The effect is subtle yet elegant.


4. Select Finish

Once you choose a house wall paint color and design you must decide Finish option.

Flat: Offers a matte, which is perfect for covering walls with a little wear and tear because it does not reflect light. Use a flat finish anywhere you want to cover imperfections.

Satin and Eggshell: Popular for walls because the paint color has a little light and fairly easy to clean.

Semi Gloss and Glossy: Both are quite shiny because it’s both popular trim. Both paint the walls of the house is also a great option that is easy to clean walls.


5. Determine Amount Needed Cat

Add the width of all the walls in the room together and multiply the number by the height of the wall (from floor to ceiling). Take the total and subtract the total area of ​​all doors, windows, arches, etc. This will make you get the exact area of ​​wall space of your home may also have to be painted. A general rule of thumb is that a flat surface usually requires one gallon for every 400 square meters. Take into account how many coats do you think should be done.


6. Preparation of Paint

Proper preparation is one of the most important tips to paint the walls of the house and is the key in getting a paint job by a professional. Move anything out of the room that may be contained in the road and set up all the hardware and equipment required.

Clean the walls with a solution of water and a little dish soap. This will remove dirt, dust and grease. Fill cracked house walls with plaster filler and sand on any surface to be painted. Clean the excess of sanding dust with a damp cloth.

Make sure you have all the brushes, rollers and paint trays. You will need before starting. Resting in the middle of the painting activity to run to the hardware store will be frustrating and slow you down.


7. Cover the area to be painted or plaster

It takes time but it will be easier. Use painters tape to cover trim, ceilings, windows, doors, and any other necessary areas. This will ensure you get a nice straight line and you do not cross into the area who do not want painted.


8. Paint From the Top to bottom

Always start painting from the highest to the lowest. Start from the ceiling or upper wall and work your way down. This way you can catch each droplet and will not damage the walls of the house were freshly painted.


9. Paint Thin Is it better than Thickness

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to put too much paint on the brush. It’s much more effective to put a small amount on the brush or roller and use long, even strokes to apply a thin smear. It is indeed tempting you with the hope of not having to do more banyal other spreadable paint, but the end result will not look good. Some spread with a thin layer will produce a better job in covering the walls of the house of the one kuasan thick paint.


10. Trim Paint Newsletter

There is some debate on this topic, but quite often trim can catch some of the spray that comes from the paint roller. For this reason it is best to paint the trim last since it will be done with brush and excess paint will not be on the wall of the house.

Narrow Minimalist Room Design Simple

Developing a tiny bedroom that didn’t possess a large-area is one of many items that bother simple. Building a bedroom interior-design that is small not only makes to save lots of area, but additionally includes huge areas and design design producing harmony and elegance. That naturally demands a touch of superior art along with careful planning.

Bedroom Narrow Not That Negative

Yes, if you do not have a big region to your bedroom subsequently it does not imply you’ve to quit to obtain that design that is relaxed yet sophisticated. Although you’re restricted variety of superior arrangement and ideal layout in designing a bedroom provides convenience and its splendor for your bedroom, huge bedroom.

kamarkamar1 kamar2

Bedroom Interior building Slender? No Issue!

In planning the bedroom is not large, then it truly is all pretty much tricks to make the dream of the greater, space saving, and of saving furniture for your items with an innovative style. Obviously along with a style that is clean and neat is required. Including illumination and glass as extras, whatever it is both everything that is substantial and tiny will make a difference inside your bedroom.

Do not Increase Many Colors Inside Your Bedroom

Adding too many shades inside the room which has minimal area it’ll supply the effect of a more narrow! Nicely can even make your room more narrow as opposed to authentic!

Use Good Illumination

Lighting that is great is if you like to create your bedroom a small size becomes more enjoyable and fairly to look at, one aspect that will be important. Try and expel elements of the dark room by applying lights and using both gentle cahata naturally through the glass window.

The best way to work with Lipstick with Lips Thick in order to shop Elegant


Tips make use of lipstick for the lips thick. Do anyone are less PD with thick lips you? Do not worry because You\’ll find crafted steps to use lipstick for thick lips distributor kosmetik murah to help store more beautiful and also elegant. Thick lips lip that will indeed is usually said to help possibly be sexy lips. But often times a great owner’s lips do not was confident While utilizing its lipstick lips \’m it is looks very full as well as dominate. Therefore, choose the appropriate lipstick to boost your current confidence. by selecting as well as employing right lipstick color, ones color of a lips will certainly shop elegant. Here your own importance connected with learning The best way to make use of the thick lipstick in your own lips.


The first thing The idea must possibly be consumed in the menu connected with lipstick This really is right for the thick lips will be coming from using moisturizer to the lips evenly and also thinly. Usage will be also very important foundation with regard to chapped lips. intended for lipstick itself Click on colors which can be not too flashy such as bright red because the the particular color will probably make your own lips look full and also seem older.
Tips in choosing a good lipstick towards lips thick second is actually via the lips forming ones lip liner, lip liner and also do not operate the old color. In the event employ natural colors, just like pink. proper lipstick color makes your current lips shop more proportional. You can pick the color of any light or even dark lipstick, but avoid colors that happen to be too bright consequently lips do not store and so full in addition to thicker. your current safest lipstick color obtained will be maroon, copper, and also brown. Lipstick dark shades provide illusion of your thinner shape of a lips. employ a great lip liner for you to give the impression of a small as well as thin lips.
However, with the umpteenth colors available, Should you Decide on gloss lipstick to help Choose soft colors in addition to In case become adjusted on the atmosphere, pertaining to example, your color of your clothes that you should wear. and also due to the event throughout your own date In the event you mengguanakan neutral colors, and for its evening event employing orange as well as pink.